Wisdom Tooth Removal

The Dentist will always try conservative approach first when trying to repair a tooth that is damaged. The truth is in spite of best efforts a tooth is so badly decayed or damaged it must be extracted if it left like that it can cause the risk to the health of the rest of the teeth.

Our dentists at Just Dental have years of experience when it comes to extraction. This means they know how to carry out this common procedure with the least discomfort possible and painless. We have the best dental surgeon in over 170+ locations across India.

Wisdom teeth are an extra set of adult molars that usually come in late teens. In some cases, wisdom teeth can become infected or cause abscess pain and swelling. In such instances, the dentist may need to remove the tooth either normally or surgically.

Contrary to popular belief, wisdom tooth removal is a complete pain-free operation and goes a long way in alleviating the pain caused by a tooth underbone.

Sometimes a dentist needs to extract” baby teeth” (milk teeth) that have not been lost in a timely fashion.

Most common question: Can extraction is performed during pregnancy?

The answer is Yes, Extraction can be performed any time during pregnancy but second trimesters is usually recommended as an ideal time. However in case of emergency then extraction need to be performed.

Justdental provides Wisdom Tooth Removal Service in 170+ locations across India which is completely catered to the patient needs and involves a pain-free process of tooth extraction and removal.

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