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India’s most sophisticated practice management software only for dentists.1000+ dentists trust Justdental for managing their practice.

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Who should subscribe?

1. Doctors who are looking forward to make their dental clinic more efficient and ready for 2021

Use Justdental Practice Management Software to save a lot of time you spend on writing the case history, sending appointment reminders and keeping a record of all the bills. All these can be done faster with just a few clicks of buttons.

2. Doctors who are looking for an easy to use software with all the advanced feature and at an affordable price.

We believe that Justdental meet all these requirements. All the featured are designed in a way that any dentist can understand and use. Also, Justdental just cost Rs.5999/- for an entire year even with all the latest advancements incorporated.

Why Justdental Practice Management Software

1. Easy to use

Justdental made it easy for all the dentists to use practice management software, by making each step in consultation easy to record and less time consuming.

2. Can use it on multiple devices

Doctors can use the software on desktops, laptops and android devices.

3. Inbuild communication system

Automatic SMS communications are shared with your patients on booking appointments, rescheduling, cancellation etc.

4. Send mass communication to your patients

Customized SMS communications can be share with the entire list of patients.

5. An android app for your patients to see and manage their appointments with you

Your patients will have access to an app where they can book appointments with you or see their previous records and appointments.

6. Dashboard for an overview on the performance of your dental clinic.

Justdental practice management software comes with a dashboard where you can see an overview on the revenue and many other data based on your usage.

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Other Main Features

Separate login credentials can be created for your receptionists and other consulting doctors

Need to save an important information about the patient but no time for writing it down? No problem, just click a button and save it in your own voice

Upload and keep each patient’s data safe and secured for future references.

Create invoices and print bills for your patients and save for future references.

Note down all the dental history and medical history with just a few clicks of buttons. All the relevant questions are pre populated and doctors can just mark yes or no.

Just tap on the relevant tooth on the diagram and type in the findings to save it and to mention advised treatment for that particular finding.

What Dentists Say About Justdental

“Thanks a lot for the services you are providing. We can see that we are meeting the motto of providing complete satisfaction to our patients. Your excellent Patient Management Software is helping me track the records thereby I am building a personal connection with my patients. Patient satisfaction guaranteed!”
Dr. Tarun
“I have been on Justdental platform for 2 months now, I can say all the team members of Justdental are quite supportive and solve all the queries as fast as possible. Hope this partnership will last for years to come.”
Dr. Bikramjeet
“I have been a part of Justdental since the beginning. My practice has definitely improved. I am happy with the way they they work.”
Dr. Sumukh
MDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
“It has been 6 months now, I’ve had an amazing journey with Justdental and its team. Their addon service of treatment financing has been a boon to most of my patients. I will always be grateful for Justdental and their efforts. I will be a permanent Justdental Dentist”
Dr. Jabir Amin
“Justdental provides practice management software at the most affordable rate. Justdental’s customer service is commendable. They have been the best supporters for my practice “
Dr. Muneer

Frequently Asked Questions

Once registered, you will receive login ID and Password within 24hrs on the registered email Id and phone number.

Doctors can login to our web-app on desktop, tablet or laptops. Also, use the practice management app on any android device to login and manage your dental clinic.

The data you feed into the software or the app are stored in a cloud based server with latest security features. Since the data on the internet is vulnerable for malware, viruses and hacking, our service providers do their best to keep the data as secured as possible.

Justdental Patient’s App helps dental patients across India to search nearby dental clinics and book an appointment through its platform.

Patients can also see and manage their dental treatment data and records from their dentist.

Our 10 Days money back policy guaranteed to refund the entire amount if a doctor is not satisfied. This policy is valid for 10 days from the date of purchase. Doctors Just have to send an email to for cancellation and refund.

Justdental cares about being a comprehensive solution to dental clinics. We will be in touch with you to help you grow your private dental clinic from the moment you register.

We are available 9am to 9 pm monday to saturday on 8088882828.

We will also provide our regional manager’s contact number once you register, who will be your primary point of contact with Justdental. 

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