Post covid-19; Reflect and Revive with co-branding

The concept of branding is pretty simple. Brands generally created over time are perceived to be credible, and more so in the healthcare industry as patients are reliant on the competence and intentions of the healthcare professional. Service credibility relates to the trustworthiness and the expertise of a healthcare organization that delivers on its promises to consumers. This is an important factor that influences patient’s revisit intention.

New or junior dentists are often faced with credibility issues. Patients are often apprehensive to receive treatment from a junior dentist and prefer to trust a senior dentist for something as routine as scaling. But years of experience and expertise gained by the same new dentist, gives him the credibility required to earn the patients’ trust. The perception of our patient therefore is a very important factor that decides whether they would return for treatment after their consultation.

Dental clinics also face credibility issues, especially in this era of information overload. Patients today come with too much information from search engines and consider most treatment plans unreasonable if the diagnosis and treatment plan go beyond their researched information and recommendation.  Not having your clinic listed on a google map with good online reviews; adds to their distrust. Often, the most commonly relied advertisement by many dental practitioners, are the recommendation of a dentist’s competence from someone known/friends’/colleagues.

Then, there are chain of clinics, backed by investors, attracting patients with consistency, infrastructure and credibility. They have a huge budget that goes into public relation campaigns and marketing, luring struggling dentists towards their reliability.

Independent practices simply do not have the time nor the bandwidth to spend on large scale campaigns. It is imperative for a dentist to continuously upgrade his skills and upgrade his clinic with advanced dental equipment. Dental clinics over time find themselves juggling to strike a work-life balance. Having said that, fortunately we have technologies today to maximize reach out to patients in a short span of time. We have multiple tools to channelize patient flow and to decrease the time needed for a patient to sit in your dental chair. Co-branding is one such tool. Co-branding has proven to supplement your business in a synergistic way by increasing the visibility to the larger audience. Thereby, enabling you to grow rapidly, which would otherwise cost precious time and money.

‘Just Dental’ today has more that 300+ partnered dental clinics across India. And in a span of five and half years we have reached out to 1 lakh + patients. Our collaborations with multinational companies and dental insurance companies help us in introducing potential clients for our co-branded clinics, developing a sustainable habitat for our dentists to grow.

It is our endeavor to close the gap between patient and dentist.

Reflect, revive and co-brand with Just Dental.

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