Mandatory Requirements Checklist

Mandatory Requirements for Re-establishing a Dental practice

If you are part of Just Dental, Kindly acknowledge Just Dental’s Mandatory Requirements Checklist to ensure the safety of yourself, other doctors and the patients associated with your dental clinic.

Just Dental’s Marketing and Branding services will be continued only after you have submitted the filled form and meet all the requirements instructed by the government for a dental clinic to start functioning.

We hope you understand the importance of basic requirements to ensure safety of the community, if you are in need of any help regarding the mandatory materials and equipments or any other difficulty related to re-establishing your dental clinic after the pandemic Just Dental is available 24×7 on 80 88 88 28 28. 

(Select “Yes” if you agree to the statement/ Select “Need help with this” if you need more information or if you are lack of the equipment or material required)