Laser Dentistry for Tongue Tie And Lip Tie


What is a tongue tie?

A tongue tie or ankyloglossia occurs when there is an abnormal band of thick tissue, also known as the frenum, which is located below the tongue.

Other issues which can arise from having a tongue tie.

Having a tongue tie can create speech difficulties, malocclusion, and gum recession.

Types of tongue tie.

  1. Partial: – When the frenum has limited tongue movement it is considered a partial ankyloglossia.
  2. Complete: – if the tongue appears to be fused to the floor of the mouth it is then considered to be a total ankyloglossia.  This is known as a posterior tongue tie.

What is a lip tie?

An upper lip tie is present when the upper lip is lifted and the band of connective tissue (frenum) is tight, causing the gums to turn white.  There are four classifications for lip tie, ranging from mild to severe.

The four classes are: mucosal, gingival, papillary, and papilla penetrating. 

A lip tie can occur on either, the upper lip, the lower lip, or both.  Often a lip tie accompanies a tongue tie.

classes of lip tie

Advantages of laser treatment.

There is less pain, less bleeding, and no need for sutures.  This translates to faster healing and in most cases quicker resolution to the problem.  This form of treatment usually requires using just a topical anesthetic and occasionally, a local anesthetic

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