Just Dental – Emergence of Dental Chains in India

Just Dental – Explore a new world of dentistry

The global dental market is growing at a rate of CAGR 5% and the Indian scenario growing at close to 10%, hosts the world’s largest resource of dental professionals. Individual practice offering multiple services caters to 99% of this demand with great success in terms of delivering affordable dental care . With the dental market expected to grow by 20 to 30 % in the future, corporate dental chains have been flooding the market promising to transform dental healthcare.

Corporate dentistry is a relatively new phenomenon in India with a relatively few players in the market catering to just 1% of the market in comparison to individual practice. Some of the notable brands in India include as Axiss , Apollo , Vatsalya, Clove Dental, Dentys , KDC , Sabka Dentist , etc.

The corporate chains have better access to resources that can provide innovation in delivery, conduct community education campaigns, develop a standardised and rational model of care and to introduce new services at a scale which makes an impact in an already tough and competitive environment.

The positives aside, independent dentists, dental associations and informed patients alike do have a worry, if these big dental corporations are prioritising business over patient care first, because world over corporate healthcare is infamously known for encouraging practitioners to push unnecessary, expensive procedures at times bordering on unethical practice and at the same time seems to have diluted the personal care between the patients and health care providers.

On the other hand, individual practice offering multiple services is affected by inherent inefficiencies such as labour productivity, haphazard, unorganised data and record keeping. Just Dental aims to bridge these deficiencies and synergise the best of both corporate dentistry and individual practice in an attempt to revolutionise dental health care.

Just Dental believes that dentistry is more about developing a personal connect with the patients, their health needs, and not just moulding the perfect smile. Just Dental was conceived to provide the best of technology and service to the patient by partnering with individual practitioners and their brand equity rather than competing with them.

The dentists are still the registered owners of their practice and work / administer them. The Idea is to provide the best of both worlds to the patient and the dentist by synergising conventional practice with latest advents in field of dental health delivery.

Just Dental platform allows the individual practitioners to maintain the intimate professional connect with the patient while providing access to resources that enables them to meet the standards and competition with corporate dental chains. The main idea was to remove the cogs that restrict the individual practitioners from meeting the global standards by dramatically changing the inefficient/inadequate delivery chain to effectively remove errors and counterfeiting. This way the individual practitioner’s freedom to practice without interference, quality of patient care, access to patient care, and the patient’s right to choose is maintained.

Just Dental provides the technology expertise such as website presence, patient management software, webinar/blogs, digital marketing, advertisements, patient sourcing, corporate tie ups and support services, such as assistants,dentists,specialists .

Just dental also connects with vendors and Labs across the spectrum enabling the dentist to concentrate on their clinical practice without having to be bogged down by annoying administrative matters  of practice which would otherwise burden their finances and quality time

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