How Justdental Is Changing the Dental Industry In India?

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‘Justdental’ is India’s fastest growing network of clinics. 1000+ dental clinics across the country have already joined ‘Justdental network’ and this is a phase shifting moment in the field of dentistry. The tools and services provided by Just Dental for their network clinics expand the possibilities and potential of the growth of a dental clinic.

The co-branding model of Just Dental has created a new segment in Dental practice which is a combination of independent practice and corporate practice. In this process, the patient emerges the winner by getting the best of both the worlds. The trust, convenience, affordability of an independent practice and standard processes, experience and accessibility of a corporate chain.

Current state of dentistry in India:

Dentistry in India is in need of a transition, nowadays most of the freshers in the field of dentistry are going through a situation of not finding a job or opportunity where they can grow and prosper. The dentists who already set up their private practice usually will not see significant growth for the first 2 to 4 years and ultimately every dental clinic will reach a stable state where there is a steady flow of OP and the dentist is happy thinking that this is the maximum potential of his/her practice and continues to work till their retirement. Dentists are not to be blamed for this situation, till now there was no other option, not many opportunities or tools were available for a dentist to grow their dental practice. This is where ‘Just Dental’ is becoming an innovative and inevitable factor in Indian dental industry.

What change ‘Justdental’ brings?

1. Opening numerous opportunities

Justdental is becoming a north-star for dentists by guiding doctors to reach the actual potential of their dental practice. Just dental is a wake-up call for the dentists who were unaware of the opportunities and different ways of growing their practice and achieving the actual abundance of being a dentist. Just dental believes that by having more opportunity and growth dentistry can get its glory back.

2. Catching up with corporate dentistry

From a business point of view, it is clear that corporate dental practices have irrefutable advantages over private practice. One of the major advantages of a corporate dental clinic is the brand value they generate by having their presence all over the country. They are recognized by media and through constant PR activities, people can identify and relate to the brand. Corporate dental clinics also hold the power of number/mass, which, through economies of scale, gets the best out of the rest of industry players which includes dental supplies, labs, educational programs etc.

And, in the not too distant future, most of the patients will rely on corporate dental clinics because of the facilities, standards and trust they generate. Private practices are lacking these facilities and most of the private practices in the times to come will reach a point where the organic patient flow will reduce. This doesn’t mean that every dentist should start their own corporate dental clinic and take up the risks and pressure that come along with it. But there are ways a private dental clinic can provide similar experiences like a corporate dental clinic.

Justdental has created a platform which bridges this gap and enables each and every dentist to catch up with the demand of facilities and standards from patients.

3.Improved Oral Health Condition.

Making dentistry affordable, accessible and trustworthy for the people of the country is one of the main aims of ‘Justdental’.

The first step is to ‘Lead the horse to the river”. Justdental conducts regular free oral screening camps in each of its clinic to identify and educate the masses on oral hygiene and awareness.

There are also several camps conducted in nearby schools of their clinics to educate the children on oral hygiene there by providing them the right information at an early age for prevention of oral and dental diseases. And there are many other measures taken by Just Dental which ensures that a continuous education and awareness is provided to patients through their network of clinics .

4.Building Industry Standards

This connects to the points mentioned above, all Just Dental clinics follow processes, thus establishing and maintaining an industry standard, thereby improving the quality of the dental practices in the country.

What ‘Justdental’ is also doing to the industry, is building a group of dentists who are passionate and sincere about dentistry. We know that there are many dentists who are thinking exactly like us, dentists who believe that it’s time for a change and are in search for solutions & guidance and Just Dental is keen to partner and support them in building and growing their practice.

The pace of growth of Just Dental Network confirms and establishes the fact that dentists are in need of the services and tools offered by Just Dental and could become an influential force shaping the future of Dentistry in India. Find out what services and tools Just Dental Provide.

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