How Dentists Can Benefit From Covid-19 Situation and Grow Their Practice

Dentistry is at stake, dentists are in trouble, dentists are going to suffer for the next 2 years, the dental field is going to be in debt…. These are some of the thought dentists carry at the back of their mind because of this Covid-19 pandemic condition. But, are these really true? Are dentists really in trouble? If so, is there anything dentists can do? Can dentists utilize this situation to grow their practice?

Yes, it is true that dentists are at the top of the list when it comes to the possibility of getting infected and also becoming a carrier.

But does that mean dentists should abandon their clinics and sit inside a locked room?

No! hiding from a problem will never solve it.

Below are 3 insights on how dentists can benefit from Covid-19 situation.

1.    Prevention is better than cure.

2.    The big shift.

3.    The end of so called ‘‘Modern Dentistry’’ and the beginning of ‘Advanced Modern Dentistry’.

1.   Prevention is better than cure

So, you are a dentist and you are curious to know how you can benefit from Covid-19. As a doctor you already know preventing the spread is far better than getting infected and seeking treatment, right?

According to WHO

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, a person should:

  • Clean hands often. Use soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Maintain a safe distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
  • Don’t touch eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with your bent elbow or a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  • Stay home if you feel unwell.
  • Call in advance and follow the directions of your local health authority. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention.

This is for common people to prevent the spread of disease. But for dentists it is obviously a bit more. Check out Just Dental’s Covid info center for dentists.

As a dentist you already have vast knowledge about coronavirus disease. Well…. this is the first step, knowledge about the virus and how to control its spread is crucial when you try to conquer it.

We all trust science, and science tells us that if you wear proper protective equipment and keep your atmosphere clear you are safe to practice in your dental clinic. But because of the spread of false facts, dentists are hesitating to re-open their clinics.

If you are one of the dentists who caught up in the thought that dentists should delay the re-opening of their clinic, our question is ‘for how long?’

People need dentists to help them with their dental conditions. At the same time, they also believe that every dentist will follow standard protocols for everyone’s safety.

It’s a great responsibility and an opportunity to show how efficient you are as a dentist. Community around your clinic should realize the efforts you take for their safety; this will help your clinic in the long term.

To do:

So, the first thing you can do is create a patient and clinic management system, make a plan on what should happen from the moment the patient calls in for an appointment. The system usually starts with tele-dentistry/consultation -> determines whether the patient needs an emergency treatment or not…, and the list goes on till the moment the patient steps out of your clinic. Once it’s ready train the staff on this system.

Also make sure your clinic and its environment is clean and sterile. Strictly follow the safety instruction from the Indian Dental Association, Government of India and the state government.

When dental clinics follow the protocols properly patients, staff and doctors will gain confidence to proceed further. Which will result in growth of your practice.

2.   The big shift.

There’s a huge shift happening to the dentistry in India.

Which is, new dental clinics became the same as a senior dentist’s practice.


Once your dental clinic starts functioning normally, the freshers or new dental clinic has the same chance as their senior competitors to attract the patients to their dental clinic.

Patients now judge dental clinics based on how well prepared is a clinic for tackling the spread of coronavirus. So, if a clinic has better facilities patients will choose it, despite the fact that their usual dental clinic is still open and functioning.

Check out Just Dental’s ‘Post Covid-Mandatory Requirement checklist’.

Now you may be thinking that, what if every dental clinic meets the mandatory requirement and everything goes back to how it was before, right?

This is where you need to utilize the latest technology and advancements in the dental industry.

To Do:

Dentists should utilize the advanced modern dentistry. Having a medium to showcase your work and convey a message on ‘Why people should visit your dental clinics?’ is important to stand out.

Your patients are hanging out in various smartphone apps nowadays, some of them must be looking for a dental clinic. At this time, imagine if they get to know about the facilities you have got against the spread of coronavirus and imaging if they get impressed by the system you have prepared.

Patients trust you more than your competitors and if you have done it correctly and ethically, you can convert this trust into a consultation and treatment.

How Just Dental Help You With This.

Just Dental’s branding and marketing service along with the other services for dental clinics do all the hard work for you.

 When you subscribe to join Just Dental Network, along with other services, we do paid and targeted branding and marketing for your clinic in your locality through various social media platforms.

Through this, we tell your potential patients how well prepared you are against Covid-19, and we also introduce your clinic as a provider of 0% interest EMI for dental treatments -this is one of our services, known as patient treatment finance service – which will be a helping hand for your patients during this tough time.

3.   The end of so called ‘‘Modern Dentistry’’ and the beginning of ‘Advanced Modern Dentistry’.

Dental clinics started to run at an increased consultation charge. What does this mean? It means that patients are ready to pay you an increased consultation charge if you provide enough value back to them.

At the moment value can be, providing protective equipment to the patient for their safety, giving them a best experience at your dental clinic, your soft skills and hard skills in giving them relief from their dental condition etc.

Does this mean everyone should increase their consultation charge and exploit this opportunity?

No, how many dental clinics in India are capable of providing great value back to the patients? This is the right time to think, is your dental clinic ready to achieve more? Are you using the latest advancements in dentistry or not? whether your clinic is following a sterilisation protocol or not? and also think about what else you can do to improve your clinic and give higher value back to the patient which in return helps your business to grow.

If a dentist is not providing any extra value than how they were before covid-19, he/she should not increase the charge. But if you are sure that you are capable of providing that extra comfort and safety, for example installation of a new equipment,  doing the procedures with rubber dam, or any other enhancement for a better experience of your patient, you have the right to increase your consultation charge or treatment charges. As the risk and demand increase, the charges go high, why do you think an airplane pilot is paid higher than a dentist in India.

This is the moment to change from Modern Dentistry to Advanced Modern Dentistry.  It’s not that “dentists need the patients”, it is actually “patients need dentists”. Now that you need to make your clinic Covid ready, the alpha dentists see opportunity to grow their business, but if you’re still thinking narrow, remember that dentistry is a noble field, but as long as the money involved, it is also a business, you need to have the growth mindset to become a successful dentist.

How Joining Just Dental Can Help You Grow.

Just Dental helps dentists to become more successful, we are India’s first and only comprehensive dental support service providers, helping dentists with tools and services which are designed to solve challenges faced every day in the field of dentistry.

Our mission at Just Dental is to make dentistry more accessible and affordable. Today, we are providing our support in more than 25 states to 300+ clinics in India and we continue with our efforts to partner with dentists across the country.

  •  If you need the latest equipment Just Dental delivers it to you at the best price.
  • Just Dental will be your helping hand in making your dental clinic Covid ready.
  • Branding and marketing service,which will help to increase your clinic’s digital visibility and reach patients in your locality.
  • The latest advancements like providing 0% EMIs for dental treatments can be enabled in your clinic for your patients
  • Dental insurance empanelment
  • Advanced & highly secure patient management software, digitizing your patient record will also help to exponentially reduce the physical contact points.
  • Just Dental mobile app, through which patients can book appointments and manage their digital records.

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