Gum Diseases

Periodontal disease also generally called gum disease, begins with bacterial growth in your mouth and may end (if not properly treated) with tooth loss due to destruction of the tissue that surrounds your teeth. What’s the Difference Between Gingivitis and


Teeth Bleaching

According to the FDA, the term “bleaching” is permitted for products that can whiten teeth beyond their natural colour. On the other hand, the term “whitening” is used to describe the process of restoring

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Preventive Fluoride

Fluoride turn tooth enamel into a strong structure which can resist erosive forces and cavity formation. How incorporation of fluoride into tooth enamel help tooth to be more resistant to acids and prevent tooth decay? Tooth


All on 4 dental implants

Dental implants are used to replace single or several missing teeth, the goal of this replacement in dentistry is to restore the esthetics and functions. If you are a denture wearer or have several missing teeth or