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Post covid-19; Reflect and Revive with co-branding

The concept of branding is pretty simple. Brands generally created over time are perceived to be credible, and more so in the healthcare industry as patients are reliant on the competence and intentions of the healthcare professional. Service credibility relates to the trustworthiness and the expertise of a healthcare organization that delivers on its promises to consumers. This is an important factor that influences patient’s revisit intention. New or junior dentists are often faced with credibility issues. Patients are often apprehensive

Why should dental clinics learn from smartphone Industry?

In the current scenario many of the dental practitioners are in real quandary. Already news from across the country are pouring in with many dental practices shutting down or are in the verge of being shut. Before the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, it will be untrue to say dentist were doing a great business. Many dental clinics were already not functioning to its full potential. This pandemic has brought disruption to the already depressed market. But then we can ask a hopeful question,

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