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How Just Dental Is Changing the Dental Industry In India?

‘Just dental’ is India’s fastest growing network of clinics. 200+ dental clinics across the country have already joined ‘Just Dental network’ and this is a phase shifting moment in the field of dentistry. The tools and services provided by Just Dental for their network clinics expand the possibilities and potential of the growth of a dental clinic. The co-branding model of Just Dental has created a new segment in Dental practice which is a combination of independent practice and corporate practice. In

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Celebrating Just Dental’s 125th clinic today!

Just Dental announces expansion of its network with their 125th clinic today Just Dental added their 125th clinic to its network today (in Mumbai). With dental network centers spread across more than 42 cities, Just Dental has emerged as the leading PAN India Dental network service provider. These milestones successfully mark another step towards Just Dental’s growing efforts to deliver high quality experience to its patients across India. The company also announced its partnership with Arogya Finance to deliver healthcare

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Just Dental News

HEALTHINTERVIEW How Bengaluru Based Corporate Turned Entrepreneur Santhosh Kumar Is Bridging The Gap Between Dental Patient Care And Their Ailments Through JUSTDENTAL? AUGUST 7, 2018 JUSTDENTAL – One-stop destination for your dental problems!   The oral health is of least significance when it comes to the people of India. A lack of public identification of oral health deterioration and general awareness pulls back the people from seeking proper dental solutions. There is a dearth of efficient practitioners that

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Services provided at “Just Dental” Clinics

Periodontal Therapy– Scaling, Subgingival Scaling (Deep Scaling), Root Planing, Flap Surgery, Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, Coronoplasty, Ankyloglossia (Tongue Tie), Local Drug Delivery, Bone Graft, Advanced Laser Dentistry– Laser Excision, Laser Biopsy, Laser De-pigmentation, Laser Bleaching, Laser Flap Surgery, Laser Curettage, Laser Debridement, Laser Gingivectomy, Laser Gingivoplasty, Laser Coronoplasty, Laser Ankyloglossia (Tongue Tie). Oral Maxillofacial Surgery- Surgical Correction, Orthognathic Correction,Surgical Extractions, Surgical Disimpaction of Third Molars (Wisdom Tooth), Trauma Management, Oral Cancer & Tumor Surgery. Conservative & Endodontic Dentistry– Restorative Dentistry,Root Canal Treatment (Single Visit), Re

Just Dental – Emergence of Dental Chains in India

Just Dental – Explore a new world of dentistry The global dental market is growing at a rate of CAGR 5% and the Indian scenario growing at close to 10%, hosts the world’s largest resource of dental professionals. Individual practice offering multiple services caters to 99% of this demand with great success in terms of delivering affordable dental care . With the dental market expected to grow by 20 to 30 % in the future, corporate dental chains have been flooding