Annexure 7

Purpose: Maintaining good oral health is very important for healthy mind and body for a person, however, it has been a worldwide unrealized problem which is most common in under developed countries  due to lack of education and poor economic conditions. Poor oral health and untreated oral diseases and conditions can have a significant impact on quality of life. By maintaining good oral hygiene practices, various dental problems can be kept under control and uplift the health status of the people. For this, oral health education and awareness plays an important role, especially for the school children. Thus, such education is essential for behavior change, improving health and quality of life. It is said that children with poor oral health are 12 times more likely to have restricted daily activity than those who do not.

Goal: To reduce the impact of dental diseases and help the children and adult grow healthy lives.

Primary objective: To increase awareness level of children and adults about oral health and hygiene and its importance for healthy life


  • Organize dental health camp and carry out dental screening of the children and adults
  • Recording of dental health status and provide guidance on the required treatment.
  • Create awareness and preventive steps for oral health and hygiene


  • Schools and colleges
  • Resident welfare associations
  • Factory/Unions
  • Corporate Employees
  • Any other who require a social health awareness program.


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