How sweets affect your Oral Health on this festival season?

How to take care of your teeth It’s festival season and all of us share our love and care through gifts and treats. But did you know that if you don’t follow certain oral health practices the gifts and treats in the form of sweets can end up as the reason for compromised oral health of you and your loved ones? Are sweets really bad for oral health? They are not! you can have or share as much sweets as you want if

How Just Dental Is Changing the Dental Industry In India?

‘Just dental’ is India’s fastest growing network of clinics. 200+ dental clinics across the country have already joined ‘Just Dental network’ and this is a phase shifting moment in the field of dentistry. The tools and services provided by Just Dental for their network clinics expand the possibilities and potential of the growth of a dental clinic. The co-branding model of Just Dental has created a new segment in Dental practice which is a combination of independent practice and corporate practice. In